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"We have met the enemy, it is us"

Walt Kelly's cartoons were my introduction to environmental awareness, when I was in high school. This famous quote, unfortunately, works equally as well for U.S. foreign policy.

Our presence in the park has been documented by the trail of debris left by us. Fortunately, to date, none of the debris has been impossible to remove, or highly toxic. Additionally, most of the "big" garbage was dumped before 1970. The soccer fields on Dickey Road, are built over the landfill that was "Howertons Dump" before the Trident Boom. If the dump was closed, people would find a convenient logging road and dump their trash "out of site, out of mind". Newberry Hill Road came to a dead end at the Phillips home (near Greystone Way), and from this spot westward was nothing but forest and a few logging roads. The only way to the Seabeck Highway was north from Chico, or west on Anderson Hill Road.