Next stewards meeting is April 19th, 6:30PM NOTE room change to 116. Regular work party (RUMMAGE SALE) 21st of April.

Huge Rummage Sale

The NHHP Stewardship group will hold a rummage sale April 21st on the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in the Van Zee building. Bring rummage to donate on Friday between 2 and 6PM. No sofas, mattresses or white appliances. You can drive right into the building and our volunteers will help unload. The sale starts Saturday the 21st at 9AM and goes until 3PM. Thank you for supporting our park.

Danger at Culvert!

Safety fence

Please watch your toddlers and dogs when on Old Loop Parkway where it crosses the outlet of the large wetland. There is a high velocity and volume of water through the culvert this time of year, that must be respected. We have installed a security fence to REMIND you to be careful. It is NOT designed to keep you or your dog out, you are responsible for that.

Tree Planting On 3 March

We will be planting Western Redcedar and Western White Pine in the extreme south end of the park. We could use your help. We will show you how and provide tools. We start around 9:30 AM.

KSS Enviro Club

Recent improvements to the park include: MAPRIKA update with rescue coordinates installed at all trail intersections, fire fuels reduced by chipping crew from USS Nimitz Advance Planning Team. Litehouse students and job coach helped install new trail sign at Coyote and Salal junction.

Work crew

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Honoring Dr. King

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Stewards Work Party

Stewards and friends installed rescue locator tags at all trail intersections on Saturday the 18th of November. The work party was the culmination of several months of volunteer work and community cooperation. The bright red tags purchased by Kitsap County are trail intersection markers that will guide CK Fire and rescue to your location in an emergency. If there is an emergency in the park, call 911 and give the locator number (NH14 for example) of the nearest intersection. Accurate mapping of all trails and intersections was completed with AES Consultants taking the lead. Steward volunteers Bill Wasson, Steve Ottmar, Tom Coleman and Frank Stricklin gathered intersection and culvert coordinates. Several trails had been rerouted over the past 5 years and steward Steve Ottmar updated the trail map GPS coordinates and mapped the location of the re-routes. Bill Wasson created a spreadsheet and marking scheme for all culverts and emergency locator tags. KC Parks volunteer coordinator Lorie Raymaker turned our info into tags attached to Carsonite strips allowing us to attach them to existing signposts. The updated map with all the emergency locator information was geo anchored and uploaded to the MAPRIKA server. If you have the old map, NHHP North on your smartphone, delete it and download the latest version (also called NHHP North). If you download the map at home, the GPS function of MAPRIKA will still work in the park even without cellphone service.

All photography provided by volunteers.