Next stewards meeting is June 20th, 6:00PM NOTE room change to 116. Regular workparty June 22nd

Upcoming Trail Closure

Please spread the word and be advised. Old Loop Parkway between Kiosk #3 and Beaver Dam Trail will be closed beginning on the 1st of June. This is due to heavy equipment operations to install the fish passage improvement project. Stewards and friends will be installing three culverts, removing five and staging material for the bridge installation.

Annual Rummage Sale

Great sale, thanks to all who donated. Stewards made a record $2000.00!

Beaver Food

Student volunteers from CK Schools Transitions program planted willows in the Little Anderson Beaver Pond preparing for the return of the beaver. They have been absent for a few years, and our pond water level has suffered because the dam has not been maintained. We hope these willows are tasty. Live stakes were collected and prepped by friends and stewards from willows along Old Timber Parkway.

Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Work Party

The usual band of suspects showed up to help Hope Worldwide complete the Type II Puncheon work on Bobcat Run. This project has been on going and moving forward with a lot of help from NAVHOSP Bremerton Pediatrics Ward volunteers led by Trey Irwin and stewardship president Tom Coleman. Thanks to MTV Home Repair for loan of the company dump trailer, Dennis, Autumn, Trey, Frank, Nancy, Pat, Joanne, Tom, Colen and Yvonne. Use the link below (Learn More...... Honoring Dr. King) for more information.


Vandals Return

We have not had a lot of vandalism in the park but it seems to be on the rise. Several trail signs were torn down along Salish and Bobcat down to Old Loop. The Children's Forest has been plagued with several hits and interpretive signs pulled up and thrown throughout the park. Please keep an eye out for us all and report any vandalism. Thanks

Noxious Weeds

We use any and ALL methods available to control Scotch Broom. We hope to add mulching to our arsenal of control tools and are doing an experimental control project on Coyote Loop Trail. Steward Gail Rase donated bales of hay and stewards spread it over the log landing to prevent sunlight from reaching the seedbank. We will keep you posted.


Boardwalk Completed

Stewards completed the boardwalk on Salal Trail during the monthly work party. The addition of a bullrail and erosion control completed the installation. As a final engineering test, we weight tested it.

Boardwalk Progress

After three years on the Work Plan, stewards finally got things moving with the boardwalk installation on Salal trail. This wet spot formed after years of silt erosion from "John Wayne Hill" and Coyote Trail silted out the seasonal stream channel. A large puddle forms each winter and has been causing patrons to make new trails and find other ways to cross without getting wet feet. A great work party with 5,400 lbs of concrete to move by hand we were fortunate to have three great young sailors from NAVHOSP Bremerton Logistics Division. Not only did they load all the concrete, they pulled Scotch Broom between loads. Scheduled for completion soon. Thanks for your patience.

Work party crew

Good News !

We recently reached $40,000.00 (halfway point) in the bridge construction project account, due to a very generous donation from Tom Coleman. Tom donated a small dozer to Friends, and it was sold on Craigslist for $3500.00. Tom generously donated the entire amount to Bring The Coho Home. Thanks Tom, you are a steely eyed muscleman!


Work crew

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Honoring Dr. King

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Stewards Work Party

Stewards and friends installed rescue locator tags at all trail intersections on Saturday the 18th of November. The work party was the culmination of several months of volunteer work and community cooperation. The bright red tags purchased by Kitsap County are trail intersection markers that will guide CK Fire and rescue to your location in an emergency. If there is an emergency in the park, call 911 and give the locator number (NH14 for example) of the nearest intersection. Accurate mapping of all trails and intersections was completed with AES Consultants taking the lead. Steward volunteers Bill Wasson, Steve Ottmar, Tom Coleman and Frank Stricklin gathered intersection and culvert coordinates. Several trails had been rerouted over the past 5 years and steward Steve Ottmar updated the trail map GPS coordinates and mapped the location of the re-routes. Bill Wasson created a spreadsheet and marking scheme for all culverts and emergency locator tags. KC Parks volunteer coordinator Lorie Raymaker turned our info into tags attached to Carsonite strips allowing us to attach them to existing signposts. The updated map with all the emergency locator information was geo anchored and uploaded to the MAPRIKA server. If you have the old map, NHHP North on your smartphone, delete it and download the latest version (also called NHHP North). If you download the map at home, the GPS function of MAPRIKA will still work in the park even without cellphone service.

All photography provided by volunteers.