Our park is unfunded, and is mainatained by volunteers.


Frank Stricklin recently completed the Washington State Department of Ecology's Wetland Rating training for wetlands in Western Washington, and received a certificate of completion in Hydrology Monitoring from Tony Bush WADOT, Allison Warner Tulalip Tribe and Analiese Burns-City of Bellingham. Wetlands in Washington are rated to help county and state planners establish buffers that provide proper proctection for wetlands.

WSU Stream Stewards

Congratulations to Dennis Crisman, Karl Erickson, Bill Wasson, Tom Coleman, Frank Stricklin, Pat Stricklin and Gail Rase. The forty hour class consisted of about 20 hours in class and 20 hours in the field. Dennis will need to complete volunteer hours to get his diploma. This training puts the entire ecosystem into perspective and makes you realize there is no point in protecting just one part of it.

WSU native Plant Advisors

Bill Wasson, Frank Stricklin

Your Park Stewards

President Tom Coleman Lori Raymaker

Any organization is only as good as its members. We are fortunate to have a lot of dedicated members. If you have any skills that you are willing to share, I am sure we can find a place to put them to work.

Sharing knowledge will help us create a sustainable park, for many generations to use.

Kitsap County ForesterArno Bergstrom Frank Stricklin Vice President Joanne Corey Colen Corey, Trail Committee Chair Steve Ottmar Secretary, Jessical Campbell  Dennis Crisman Headshot,JD Headshot,Keith Asbury Gail Rase and BOB Treasurer headshot Headshot,Austin S. Headshot,Mike Stricklin

Monday Weed Warriors

Austin and Mike Special Ed Volunters Bill, FONHHP Dusty,Joe CK Schools Litehouse

Friends Of Newberry Hill Heritage Park 2018

Please keep dogs on leash and stay on trails.

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